Magnificence Academy of Packaging Professionals

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It encourages us to keep going when we receive wonderful thoughts about our work from our students, when we understand that our trainings are helping them to succeed. Here are some MAPP testimonials for your reference!

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MAPP has created a platform for businesses in and related to Gift Packaging Industry, wherein they can collaborate and grow higher. We invite businesses from various fields to join us!

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Read more about Gift Packaging skills, business, market, new trends, requirements, opportunities, etc. through our blogs. We keep on updating this section, so must check it regularly for new information. You too can contribute here as a guest blogger if have any significant information related to the industry.

Magnificence Academy of Packaging Professionals.

Magnificence Academy of Packaging Professionals.

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MAPP events carry great learning to its students. As we don’t want you to miss any information, check the details of our past events here.

MAPP offers an expansive scope & a holistic foundation to its students wherein they not only learn professional gift packing, but also create (design) and sell it. It’s a complete circle of business that they get to start and create at ‘Magnificence Academy of Packing Professionals’ (MAPP). This has made MAPP to develop an extensive group of professional gift packers through its outstanding gift packaging courses. All the MAPP Alumni together make a wonderful squad that is inspired & equipped to serve to the various gift designing & wrapping requirements. They make the most of their learning and expertise by working in association with event planners, gourmet gifting industry, etc. Here, MAPP provides them an exclusive space to showcase their individual brands with unique skillset.